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There is a number of digital marketing blogs which ranking high in Google SERP and authority.

 I have collected few most popular blogs from them and created a list which will help you to find out some great resources to learn all digital marketing techniques online.

I found approx 100+ high domain authority marketing blogs but here I have featured only Top 25 Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO blogs.

Which I do follow on a regular basis and I think every person who wants to learn digital marketing should follow these digital guides.

Digital Marketing blogs

 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Follow In 2016

  1. Moz Blog:

Moz is the most popular marketing website on the Internet. The Moz inbound marketing and SEO blog shares tips, tricks, and advice for improving websites and doing a better search, social, content, and brand marketing. MOZ also offer Moz Trust Rank & Domain Authority to users.

Read: Beginner Guide To SEO By MOZ Blog.

2. Hubspot Blog:

HubSpot’s Blog for marketing, sales, and agency content, which has more than 400000 subscribers and attracts over 2 million monthly visitors.

Read : 7 fresh ideas to get blog subscribers By Hubspot Marketing Blog.

3. Content Marketing Institute Blog:

Content Marketing Institute Blog is all about content marketing through the Internet and other offline resources. And provide the information about how to attract & retain your customers.

Read : 12 Things to do after written a New Blog Post by CMI Blog.

4. Quick Sprout Blog:

Quicksprout is a blog all about webmaster tools, digital marketing, social media, tools & resources, web traffic etc. The blog is run and managed by Neil Patel. 

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He is a digital entrepreneur and helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue.

Quicksprout is one of my favorite blog wich I follow on the regular basis.

Read : How to generate 1 million dollars from your blog by Quicksprout Blog.

5. Neil Patel’s Blog: is an another blog managed by Neil Patel. Neil share his all content marketing, traffic & link building, revenue making strategies on his personal blog.

Read : How to Create Content That Influencers Will Link To By Neil Patel.

6. Social Media Examiner:

Social Media Examiner can help you to find all social media marketing strategies. SME help businesses and influencers to find a new business lead, increasing social sharing, Social marketing, Social media marketing tools, branding via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram etc.

Read : 4 ways to save time with social tools by Social Media Examiner.

7. Backlinko Blog:

Backlinko is a superb link building strategies blog by Brian Dean. Backlinko is the place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies. Backlinko can teach you about how to build quality backlinks and increase organic traffic?

Read : 17 powerful resources for building backlinks by Backlinko Blog.

8. Problogger Blog:

Problogger is blogging tips blog by Darren Rowse. Problogger can help you to learn about making money online by your blog. You can join ProBlogger community and can find a suitable work on Problogger Job Bord.

Read : The 4 RS that show a brand your blog is influential by Problogger Blog.

9. Search Engine Journal Blog:

SearchEngineJournal is an SEO & marketing blog. Providing helpful information’s related to SEO, Social Media, & Content Marketing. SEJ also produce best guides for making you successful in digital marketing.

Read : The $0 Marketing Stack: 41 Free Services and Tools By SEJ.

10. Search Engine Roundtable Blog:

SEO Roundtable is an online community forum. Where the influencers share their experience, News and tips & tricks about search engines.The mission of this site is to provide a single source for the reader to visit to locate the most interesting threads covered at the SEM forums.

Read : Google Traffic Soars After SEO Drops Links From Disavow File by SEO Roundtable.

What Makes Your Blog An Authority Blog?

digital marketing buddy blog

11. Copy Blogger Blog:

CopyBlogger is digital community teaching people about how to create killer content. Since 2006 blog is sharing valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.

Read : The Rule of Three To Create Engaging Content By CopyBlogger.

12. Occam’s Razor Blog:

Occam’s Razor is a blog by Avinash Kaushik. Occam’s Razor is a digital marketing and Google Analytics Guide. You can learn many tips and tricks about Analytics and Marketing.

Read: Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools By Avinash Kaushik.

13. Shout Me Loud Blog:

ShoutMeLoud is mainly an affiliate marketing blog by Harsh Agrawal. But you can also find some great resources and tools information on ShoutMeLoud.

ShoutMeLoud is a multi-author blog and community followed by millions of readers.

ShoutMeLoud is in top 10 blogs in India and Top 25 Affiliate Marketing blogs in the world.

Read : 6 ways to improve your readership by harsh Agrawal.

14. Rozar Social Blog:

Rozar Social is a social media blog by Ian Cleary. RazorSocial is the best resource on the web for free information on social media tools and resources.

You can learn many social media marketing, Content Marketing, and sales, traffic and growth hacking ideas on RozarSocial Blog.

Read- The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse By Ian Cleary.

15. BBT Blog:

Boost Blog Traffic ( Now SmartBlogger) is a blog blogging, marketing, and social media, SEO and money making. BBT was started by the most influence blogger Jon Morrow in 2012.

BBT is now having more than 100000 email subscribers and millions of pageviews every month.

”Smart Blogger combines practical, strategy-infused blogging advice with a healthy dose of inspiration to keep you going when things get tough” Says Jon Morrow.

Read- How This Blog Makes $100K per Month By Jon Morrow.

16. Digital Marketer Blog:

DigitalMarketer is a blog all about Boost Web Traffic, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media. DM is an online community where marketers, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and small business owners come to get ideas Digital Marketing, Content Development, Social Engagements, and Increasing Conversions.

Read – 49 Split-Tests That (Almost) Always Boost Conversions By DigitalMarketer.

17. Green Lane SEO Blog:

Greenlane blog is managed by Green Lance Search LLC. GreenLane shares information about SEO, Analytics, Digital marketing and lead generations.

You can find out many Link Building, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization,  and Inbound Marketing articles on GreenLane blog.

Read- What Journalists Really Think of Your Linkbuilding Tactics By GreenLane Blog.

18. SEO Hacker Blog:

SEO Hackers is blog managed by a ‘Philippines’ based Digital marketing Agency. Blog provide SEO, SEM, Social Marketing , Content promoting and Marketing ideas.

This Blog can teach you many things about Growth Hacking, Blog & Business SEO and Marketing for better ROI.

Read – 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Fails By SEO Hacker.

19. Content Marketer Blog: 

Whether you are just on the first stage of learning about content marketing or you are an expert in it. Content marketer blog will provide you the most creative ways for promoting your contents.

You can find many new and creative ideas which can blow your mind and boost your energy for booming your contents on the Internet. 

Read – 100+ Ways to Promote Your Content by Content Marketer Blog.

20. Sujan Patel’s Blog: is a blog managed by digital marketing expert and entrepreneur Sujan Patel. Blog shares information about B2B and B2C marketing, Content marketing, Growth Hacking, SEO, and Social Marketing.

Sujan’s blog can help you to grow your small business or blog and boost traffic online and offline. This blog also teaches you ”How Sujan has converted a startup into a multi-million business?

Read- How I Generated 513 Leads To My Startup By Commenting on Blogs by Sujan Patel.

Digital marketing blogs teach content marketing

21. Matthew Woodward Blog:

Matthew Woodward is a Digital marketing and SEO expert from the UK. His blog is mainly about affiliate marketing and money making. But because he is an internet marketer so following his blog could be a more worth to you.

Matthew is helping many newbies in learning SEO Tricks and Making Money online. His blog holding a respectful place in digital marketing blogs list.

Read : How to write a cold call email that always get results by Matthew Woodward Blog.

22. Annielytics Blog: is a digital data driven blog by Annie Cushing. This blog can teach you about how to use google analytics. Annie has shared many articles about Analytics Data Reports. You can also enjoy multiple video articles created by Annie.

Read & Watch : How To Create Histograms For Marketers In Excel? By Annie Cushing.

23. IndieMark Blog: 

Whether you are a Digital Marketer or Digital Agency you must be aware with Email Marketing. There are many blogs and sites on the Internet which consider themselves an email marketing specialist. 

But Indimark is one of my favourite blogs to learn about Email Marketing. You can learn all do’s and don’t email marketing, with effective techniques which can maximize your results. 


24. Grow And Convert Blog:

Grow And Convert is a blog created by Devesh Khanal and Benji Hyam. This blog is about digital marketing, sales, web traffic, social media.

Devesh and Benji both are one of the successes driven digital marketers. And both have worked for many startups and converted them into successful digital ventures. You can learn many growth tips on this blog.

Read- Why You Need a Growth Model For Your Blog by Growandconvert.

25. Convince And Convert Blog:

Convince & Convert is a digital marketing blog led by Jay Baer. Convince & Convert is mainly focused on content marketing. Convince & Convert was first published in 2008.

Read: 4 Resources to Help You Brainstorm Ideas for Your Next Blog Post By Convince & Convert Blog.

26. Smart Passive Income Blog:

Smart Passive Income is an online money making blog by Pat Flynn. This blog is about online money making but I marked this blog on my list, because after started in 2008 Pat has grown his blog day by day and now making 100k+$ every month.

So pat can teach you about ‘how can you grow your small blog? If you are also thinking to earn online then you can learn all about passive income on SPI Blog. 

Read: How To Repurpose Your Blog Content Like A Machine By Pat Flynn

27. Ahrefs Blog:

Ahrefs Blog provides expert insights and advice about SEO and Inbound marketing.  You can find all details about any site blog and their ranking keywords, traffic and resources.

There are many useful articles on the blog which can teach you about SEO, Ranking and Link Building.

Read: 3 White Hat Link Building Techniques That Go Far Beyond Links by Ahrefs Blog.

28. Search Engine Land Blog:

SearchEngineLand blog is in one of the undisputed high authority digital marketing blogs available on the Internet. Search Engine Land do publish search engine industry news, updates, PPC advertising & SEO tips on daily basis.

SearchEngineLand blog is a great source for read about Search Engines, Social Marketing, SEO, Local Search & Local Marketing. SEL is a multi-author blog so you can read tips written by many Digital Marketing Experts around the world.

Read : 12 things successful PPC managers do in the morning by SEL Blog.

29. Copy Hackers Blog:

Copy Hackers is a great blog about content copywriting. If you want to learn about ‘How to write a killer home page copy? Or How to write a Kickstarter pitch for your prospects?, then Copayhackers is the right place to learn about it.

Copy Hackers is founded by Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones. Copy Hackers can help you to boost your conversion rate multiple times. 

Read : How to Write a Kickstarter Pitch by Copy Hackers blog.

30. Authority Hacker Blog:

Authority Hackers is in the list of my favourite blogs to read every day. The blog is founded by Gael Breton & Mark Webster. The blog mainly share pieces of information about How to grow online business and earn money?

On this blog, you can read many how to make money articles and SEO, Link Building, Conversion case studies.

Read : How To Make Money Blogging: What We Can Learn From 23 Successful Bloggers by Authority Hacker blog.

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This list could be too long because there are many blogs which should be included in this list. So will you guys help me to improve my list and add more valuable resources in this?

If you know about another good blog and you think that should be in our list then please share the URL. 

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