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Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

There are millions of blogs and websites are available on the internet. And most of site owners and bloggers have to face a question! How to attract more visitors? Or How to increase blog traffic quickly? 

If  you are also facing the same problem then you can follow these simple and effective web traffic driving tips and tricks.

blog traffic building tips

  1. Unique Content

Content is king, great content is the base of any site. Every site which is having remarkable contents is always getting 1st page ranking on Google SERP’s.

Always write unique lawful and valuable contents for your blog readers. Give them a reason to visit your site again and again.

Share informative ideas, tips, techniques, news and information with them. Also, share your personal views and involve them in your circle.

5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools
  1. Social Media

Use social Media to Increase traffic to website or blog. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ is having millions of unique visitors every day. 

And you can drive huge traffic to your blog .

Facebook For Unlimited Traffic

Use Facebook marketing for increase traffic to your Site. Facebook marketing is the most popular in social media marketers and bloggers.

Create FB profile and Facebook page and link it to your blog. Increase Facebook likes on your page and shares your blog post on it.

You can use Facebook paid to advertise for promoting your Site, FB page and article on Facebook it will help you to increase likes and clicks on your site.

Twitter ( 140 Words To Express Your Views)

Twitter is providing a unique space for promoting your contents online. Create an account on twitter and start tweets.

Microblogging site Twitter offers a 140 words space to express your words. Start following others and increase followers.

Use Twitter to share your blog article links with your followers.

Google+ ( Google Social Gift For You)

A great social platform provided by Google. Google+ is having 370 million unique visitors.

You can follow others and can share your contents with them. For using Google+ you can use your existing Gmail Id or can create a new one.

Google+ is helping small business owners / bloggers to share their ideas, thoughts, Images and contents worldwide. Create your own circle or can follow communities on Google+ for share and learn something new.

LinkedIn (World Biggest B2B Community)

LinkedIn is a professional’s network on the internet. Working as an online professional community and having more than 370 million active users worldwide.

Create a profile on LinkedIn and create a circle, start following other and share useful details with them. Due to a professional network linked also can help you to find work for money-making.

20 Digital Marketing Blogs For Beginners

  1. Blog Directories

Directories are still a good idea to get free traffic to a website. Because many high authority blog directories like Dmoz, Yahoo, All Top, Technorati is helping in drive thousands of unique visitors to listed websites and blogs. shares 5 most visited and recent links from the each of the blog registered on it.

  1. Forums

Starts take part in online forums and discussions boards. Take part In thirds and drive traffic to your site effectively.

Include your blog URL in the signature and give forum visitors a chance to move on your site. Be active on some different forums and use them effectively for drive traffic to your site.

  1. Blog Commenting

Website / Blog commenting is a good idea for attracting some extra traffic to your blog. First of all find out some quality and high PR do follow blogs in your niches or something related to your topic.

And start commenting on them. Always be a smart commenter and write valuable and post a related comment.

Not just try to put Url for promotions. Use the complete article URL if it’s required while commenting. Never look like a commenting spam.

But you can write your blog URL under the website section for getting backlinks.

After reading your comment if someone like it and wants to go on your site then after just clicking on your name the person can move on your site.

  1. Blog Community

Participate in online blogging communities to share your experiences, new post, thoughts, and useful information. Tell them about yourself and involve in your daily visitors.

Blog communities are the great ways to share your new blog details with other established bloggers. Encourage your fellow bloggers to share your blog details in their new post.

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7. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing and content sharing is the one of my favorite technique of increase your blog traffic, followers and increase revenue. Start capturing visitors emails from the day first.

Start capturing visitors emails from the day first. Use some good subscribers and lead generations forms for receive visitors e-mails.

Build up a database of emails and send them new article links, reviews links, coupons code, and other useful content on regular basis.

Many famous bloggers and digital marketers are using e-mail content distribution for promoting their blogs and services.

  1. Social Bookmarking

As like social sites Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, social bookmarking sites also a good source of traffic.

Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, Delicious, and Stumbleupon is having millions of unique visitors every month.

You can submit your blog links in these highly visited bookmarking sites if anyone find your article useful then can bookmark it for future and also can share with others.

If your article is having unique and great content then it can appear on the home page of Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon.

“Reaching on the first page can give your blog 100 to 10k unique visitors in just 24 to 48 hrs”

Branding Through Blogs
  1. Article Submission

Article directories are having regular traffic base which means people search them to find new articles on desired topics.

You can also use these article submission sites to grow your blog traffic dramatically. Write some great contents for article directories and submit them to different directories.

This technique will boost your traffic instantly. Because when someone read your article also read about the author at below the article.

And you can give a link to your blog in each of article’s author section. If the visitors finds it helpful ‘than for reading more contents will again visit your site. 

  1. Guest Blogging

As a blogger and digital marketing consultant, I found that guest blogging is still helpful to increase your blog traffic.

It’s just required a pro trick to using guest blogging for your blog traffic. Find out some high authority and traffic blogs which also accept guest posts.

Then find some niches topics and write contents. Read guest blog submission guidelines and submit an article.

Your article must be unique and informative for the blog readers.

If you are writing some epic contents for blog readers than can drive a good amount of traffic to your blog.

Because when the guest post will be promoted then your blog also will be a highlight. SharmaBloggingBlogging,SEO,Web TrafficIncrease Blog Traffic Quickly There are millions of blogs and websites are available on the internet. And most of site owners and bloggers have to face a question! How to attract more visitors? Or How to increase blog traffic quickly?  If  you are also facing the same problem then you can...A Weblog About Digital Marketing

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