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After spending 2 years on the Internet (while learning blogging obviously) I found that Blog is not just publishing some new contents every day. Though it is the way of communication with others who is looking for some information’s online. On the Internet, every day thousands of new sites get live and more than 100 million web pages get published.

But do you know only a few of them get noticed by visitors! And only high authority sites get high SERP in google results. Every blogger wants to make his/her blog an authority site.

After launching my first blog it took me around 1 year to learn about every trick of making your blog visible on the internet. Which helped me to improve ranking and traffic of my site.

I found some great and effective proven strategies to make your blog an authority site. You can also use these effective strategies for building a high authority blog.

5 Proven Ways To Make Your Blog An Authority Site.

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  1. Write Epic Contents.

What is the most important element in your car if you want to go for a long drive? The answer is fuel. Yes, same like this your blog is your Sports car and your quality contents are the fuel of this.

If you wish to make your blog a popular brand on the internet then your blog need to be helpful for readers. Publish more useful & unique article on your blog. Share your articles on social media and also write shareable articles. Create contents for your visitors not for search engines.

Write contents for your readers not for search engines. Keep your post clean and lengthy so the post can describe every point and the reader can take advantage from this.

SEO tools like Buzzsumo, Semrush, Ahrefs already had confirmed that, the post which holds more than 2000 words get more shares on social media. Internet marketing guru Neil Patel and Backlinko founder Brian Dean every post are approx  3K to 5k words. 

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2. Focused Topic And Keywords

First, find a niche or topic for your blog and write relevant contents. A blog which is focused on any specific topic can generate more exposed in visitors who is searching about that. There are many blogs available on the internet which only share category based contents, example:

HubSpot Blog-Marketing, Agency,

ShoutMeLoud – Affiliate Marketing & Blogging,

SEJ – SEO & Search Engines,

Blogging Tips – Blogging.

You should do a relevant search of keywords before hitting publish button. Keywords is important for increasing your site ranking while SERP. Using keywords in article’s helps site to getting found on the Internet through SEO. There are many tools available for keyword research.

All authority blog do the special focus on keyword research. Because right keywords give them a big boom result in the lesser effort. So if you are willing to build an authority blog and not focusing on right keywords then you are losing your Time , Efforts and Money.

For getting better result also do a competitor’s keyword research. Select some competitor authority sites and analysis their data. You may use some pro keyword and rank research tools Like Semrush, Ahrefs & Buzzsumo.

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3. Join And Share On Social Media

Do you know why every 7 people out of 10 are associated with any one social site? And why to blog and site owner love to share their contents on social media. Because now in 2016 social media is the world biggest community. Social sites can boost your readers, followers, visitors, users and can convert your startups into a big brand.

Yes, it’s true because there are many big brands available which are using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube as a lead generating machines. So create your digital profile on social media sites, Start sharing valuable contents and resources online.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing also considers site social status while ordering them as authority. Social media shares also do impact on your sites SERP.

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4. Start Building High Authority Links

Website Links ( Backlinks, Internal Links, Outbound Links ) Play a key role in building your site an online authority.

Why Your Site Need Quality Backlinks?

Before 2012, all webmaster were using many types of link building techniques to getting high SERP. Many sites were using blackhat SEO techniques to beating their competitors. Webmasters was not thinking about Google penalties.

But after launching Panda & Penguin we got a huge change in SERP results all low-quality blogs and sites got penalized and they also got a big fall in ranking. Sites which were using PBN and other paid or link exchange services also caught and banned by google.

Build high-quality backlinks for your site. Because backlinks inform search engines about your site contents quality. If your site is getting more backlinks from high authority sites. Then your site SERP ranking will improve dramatically.

Remember all Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo hate low quality and paid links. So always focus on genuine link building techniques. The site which only receiving 100 quality backlinks from 100 different high ranking sites will perform better than a site which receiving 500 links from 50 low-quality sites. 

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5. Share Something Awesome

For getting better search results, winning visitors trust, & making your blog different. You just need to share some awesome things on your site. Sometimes we found that a single post can boost your social media followers, Backlinks, Site visits, and email list.

Use some awesome tools to make your blog awesome

Google Trends – To find most popular searched Words, Peoples, Things, and Places. You can find out about what’s trending in your area. You can also put these latest trends in your keywords.

Twitter Trends – Twitter trends is the another way to find about latest trends on social media. Twitter Trends is the topics which contain Hashtag (#) and shown on your profile wall you can found any country-specific trends and can see that how much peoples is Twitting about that.

Buzzsumo – Use Buzzsumo to see the most socially or the most shared pieces of contents. Buzzsumo gives you a search result about the most social shared articles with specific keywords.

Semrush – Find the Top Ranking Keywords, Competitors Rank + Keywords, Similar Sites and analysis the complete data of any site. I found that Semrush is the best tool to find keyword organic search position and value.

Use these trends in your articles. Keep your article clean and focused. Share Images, Links, Videos, and helpful Resources on your site.

#And The Most Important – Create Recognization

One of the quickest ways to build site authority is generating site recognization from the other authority sources. Leverage this recognization can be a great way to increase your site authority too. You can follow these fantastic ways to build site recognization.

  • Earn positive reviews from the high authority sites.
  • Promote your shareable contents, show your existing work.
  • Build trust & participate in online communities.
  • Generate more backlinks from High Authority Sites.
  • Build a relationship with fellow bloggers.
  • Build social presence & invite others to like your social media page.

Building your just launched blog into an authority site is not a quick process. You just need to invest some time and efforts for this. Update your blog on a regular basis and make it useful for readers. SharmaBloggingLink building,Site AuthorityAfter spending 2 years on the Internet (while learning blogging obviously) I found that Blog is not just publishing some new contents every day. Though it is the way of communication with others who is looking for some information's online. On the Internet, every day thousands of new sites get...A Weblog About Digital Marketing

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